President's Message

MDIS celebrates excellence and grows its partnerships with overseas universities.

Celebrating Our Achievements

MDIS continued to steer a path of academic and business excellence in 2017. On the academic front, the Institute produced a total of 174 or 25% more First Class Honours graduates over year 2016. This achievement can be attributed to the rigour of our programmes, quality and passion of the teaching staff, and dedication of the student support. This achievement also recognises the hunger and desire of our students in their quest for knowledge.

On the business front, MDIS was honoured with several industry awards. The institute was ranked 4th place in the prestigious Enterprise 50 Awards 2017, marking the success of our continual efforts in being productive and staying relevant to the times. MDIS was also awarded the “Largest MBA Programmes and Providers” in the Singapore Business Review Awards 2017.

In addition, MDIS’ corporate training arm, the Management Development and Consultancy (MDC), clinched the silver award for “Best IT Training Provider” in the HR Vendors of the Year 2017. The Institute was recognised as the “Best Corporate Learning & Development Provider” and “Gold Standard Service Provider for Senior Management & Leadership” in the JobsCentral Learning T.E.D (Training & Education Development) Awards 2017.

From the financial perspective, the institute achieved a marginal surplus before donation and taxes. We had to overcome many challenges and this was possible through the concerted efforts of the MDIS management and staff in achieving operational and infrastructural progress, and in building its capacity to grow the business locally and overseas.

As a heritage brand of over 60 years, these achievements were all the more meaningful when juxtaposed against the backdrop of challenges that the Institute faced this year.

Addressing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

With increased competition from the local and global environment, year 2017 was indeed a challenging year for MDIS. A key challenge the institute faced was the increased competition from local universities which offered more university places. Another challenge was the revised regulatory requirements by the Committee of Private Education (CPE) and tightening of the EduTrust criteria, which have led to increased compliance costs.

To tackle these challenges, MDIS has put in place plans to help it ride the change, including expanding its collaborations with overseas partner universities of high academic standing, introducing a diverse range of vocational and SkillsFuture programmes and courses, and ensuring the enhancement of its academic and business quality standards.

New University Collaborations

MDIS has expanded its alliance with internationally recognised universities like Edinburgh Napier University, Teesside University and the University of Portsmouth, to introduce new industry-relevant skills-based programmes which support the government’s initiative in building a workforce ready for the future.

Our partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, UK, to launch a Bachelor of Science Nursing (Top-Up) post-registration degree will address the increasing need for nursing and other healthcare professionals in an ageing population. The programme saw encouraging student numbers – more than 90 in just the first two intakes in 2017. To support this new academic stream, MDIS has launched a School of Nursing with dedicated facilities to provide postregistered nurses with hands-on learning experiences.

New Skills-Based Programmes

MDIS has also progressively phased in industry-relevant, skills-based programmes and short courses in nine key academic areas, including F&B, engineering, information technology, fashion, healthcare support and more. This supports the government’s initiative to nurture a future-ready workforce. Up to 20% of the institute’s new programmes will be SkillsFuture Credit eligible.

To date, MDIS has rolled out a total of 30 new pre-degree to degree programmes as well as short courses in culinary and fashion, including baking workshops and pattern making and sewing techniques workshops.

For MDC, the organisation continues to design and develop niche programmes in areas of Leadership and People Management to meet industry needs. It is working towards achieving Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status in 2018 and will provide SkillsFuture Credit eligible courses in Financial Management, Sales, Business Management, and Communication and Supervisory Management.

Overseas Growth and Expansion

Beyond our shores, MDIS is seizing opportunities for growth and expansion in its overseas campuses in MDIS Tashkent, Kolej MDIS Malaysia, and MDIS-VELS India.

MDIS Tashkent marked its 10th Anniversary this year and continues to demonstrate the institute’s success through its strong growth. From its initial student enrollment of 240, it now has more than 3,000 students from all region of Uzbekistan, including international students from South Korea, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. To accommodate the increasing demand for places and programmes, the institute is expanding with a new four-storey building and introducing a range of new programmes.

Over in EduCity in Iskandar, Johor, Kolej MDIS Malaysia is into its final phase of construction. When it is ready, it will present a multitude of exciting possibilities for students with its offering of new academic programmes in disciplines like Tourism and Hospitality, Information Technology, Media Communications and Business Management, and facilities like a hospitality training centre, a radio studio, sports, F&B outlets and more.

For MDIS-VELS India, its first batch of students have successfully completed their diploma studies and will be progressing to Singapore in early 2018 to pursue their degree studies.

Sharing Our Success

Despite the competitive business environment, MDIS remains steadfast in extending educational opportunities to deserving and needful students. We belief in sharing our successes, by giving back to society through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

This year, MDIS awarded $294,200 in scholarships and bursaries to 424 beneficiaries, including 36 children and youth from Special Education Schools. Since its inception in 1996, the Institute has disbursed nearly $6 million worth of scholarships and bursaries to some 7,500 beneficiaries.

MDIS has also sponsored $4,500 worth of NTUC shopping vouchers for 150 needy families and 3,000 recyclable MDIS bags to support the annual Jalan Kayu Day. As the founding sponsor since 2010, MDIS has contributed a total of $214,500 to this project.

In Appreciation

As we look back at the year 2017, we reflect upon the strong foundation, strengths and core competencies that have given MDIS a distinctive place and role in Singapore’s private education sector, as well as delivering our Singapore brand of education in our regional education hubs. We would not have realised our achievements without the foresight and guidance from MDIS Senate, Governing Council, Patron, Trustees and Academic Advisory members. I thank them for their unrelenting support and invaluable contributions to the success of MDIS.

I would also like to thank the management, staff, lecturers, university partners, students and other stakeholders for their contributions and steadfast support for MDIS.

We look forward to their continued support to make MDIS an institution of academic excellence, in the years ahead.

MDIS Governing Council